8h.sk site aims to provide easy to use, high performance and scalable job search website. This site is mostly a technology showcase, aggregating most of the services our company provides in one unified product.

Project goals

  • provide single source of job postings from all important employment offering websites in Slovak Republic
  • present all the posting in simple and clean form, without all those unneeded bells and whistles
  • make the web respond really really fast

Project status

  • project is still evolving – we continually extend a list of crawled websites and improve its web
  • in 2Q/2014 launched the most interesting and unique part of the project – web provides statistical informations about advertisers of job postings, thus providing a little insight about history and focusing of the company on the job market
  • 199k visitors (160k+ uniques) and 1Mio+ page views monthly (January 2020)


  • internal web scrapping tool built on top of ETL framework
  • PostgreSQL for data storage and analysis
  • Apache SOLR as high performance full text search engine
  • Stemmer from Essential Data, s.r.o
  • NGINX as high performance web server, application server (via LUA) and presentation server (via XSLT)
  • running on commodity hardware (shared linux VPS host)